Marketline Database is Upgraded to GlobalData Explorer

If you are familiar with the Goizueta Business Library’s Marketline database, you know it is a go-to resource for company SWOT analysis, industry profiles that include a Porter 5 Forces section, and country PESTLE reports. In May 2023, the library upgraded Marketline to a new database, GlobalData Explorer. You may have already used one of our other GlobalData databases, such as Medical Devices, Disruptor, or Retail. If so, Explorer will look very familiar to you.

Why the change? Explorer provides access to over 55 million datapoints, compared to 2.8 million on Marketline. In addition to all of content that resides in Marketplace, Explorer’s coverage also includes: Deals, Job Analytics, Global Ads, Social Media Analytics, Company Screening, Company Filings Analytics, and more. Explorer additionally contains a growing repository of analyst-led webinars and virtual conferences, accessible to all of Goizueta. Popular topics that have been covered include ESG, Robotics, Automated Cars, and more.

Want to learn more? Check out the GD Explorer User Guide.

Use this table to map out the most popular content in Marketline – and how to locate it in Explorer.