Statista for Alumni

The Emory Alumni Association is pleased to provide all Emory alumni free remote access to Statista.

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Statista aggregates over 1 million statistics on over 80,0000 topics from 18,000 sources, including market researchers, trade organizations, and governments. It covers over 170 industries across 150+ countries, including consumer goods, energy, finance, pharmaceuticals, sports, technology, and transportation & logistics, and more. In addition to standalone statistics and infographics, Statista provides comprehensive reports, forecasts & surveys, as well as reports that are downloadable in a variety of formats.

Statista is a great resource for helping you find up-to-date information and data on a variety of topics for many personal research projects. Interested in current trends for a particular business sector, want to learn more about an industry or market, or want to gather statistics about the economy of another country? Statista provides all this information and more! Additionally, Statista links out to the sources it uses, so you can use it as a jumping off point for additional research into your topic.

Statista also provides top-level industry and market information (including trends, statistics, and global overviews) that will help you prepare for an interview or that can be used if you are considering a career transition.