What Business Books Are Your Peers Reading?

Ever wondered what business books your GBS colleagues are reading? And what about those outside of GBS? Since the majority of our business books are now purchased in ebook or audiobooks formats on the Overdrive platform, we can use Overdrive’s analytics to answer these questions.

The Goizueta Business Library currently owns almost 800 business titles on Overdrive. You can “checkout” an ebook or audiobook and easily download it to any mobile device. The content covers popular business books, topics relevant to all of your GBS classes and career trajectory, and we even have many books authored by Goizueta faculty. Overdrive is a fantastic resource, one which you should take advantage of while at Emory. And when you graduate, many public libraries throughout the country provide free access to library card holders, so you can continue to use this great resource.

What are your GBS peers reading?
Following are the top 50 business titles checked out between Jan 1, 2022 – May 20, 2023.

What are others reading?
Follow these steps to see which business books that GBL licenses are the most popular for the larger universe of Overdrive subscribers.

  • Log into Overdrive
  • The curated collection of all titles purchased by GBL displays.
  • On the upper right corner, select the “Sorted by: popularity (globally) menu option