Landscapes and Geomorphology

ENVS347 2023 Field Guide

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ENVS 347 Landscapes and Geomorphology

This course examines cultural and physical landscapes and their temporal and spatial changes through the field study of natural and built environments and by incorporating the use of geospatial technologies and methods in their examination. Focus is split on two approaches; cultural landscape studies, the interaction between and perceptions of people and places, and geomorphology, the scientific study of the geometric features of the Earth’s surface and their change over time as shaped by human and natural forces.

Student outcomes include understanding and/or exploration of:

  • How ordinary environments reflect the values, beliefs, and ideas of a particular culture
  • How different cultures make sense of and exploit their natural environment
  • Urban systems, their history, and how they change over time
  • The interactions between the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere
  • The role of geology, soils, and tectonic activity
  • Field methods and computer applications in exploring cultural landscapes and geomorphologic evidence

The Field Guides published here are the work of Emory University students.