Hello! Hola! Bonjour! Hallo! Olá! こんにちは! Marhaba!

What is the Emory Global Languages and Cultures Cohort?

The Global Languages and Cultures Cohort is a learning community of Emory undergraduate students who are dedicated to the study of any foreign language currently taught at Emory. Participants engage in a one-year long engaged discussion, directed by Dr. Ana Catarina Teixeira, on the relevance of foreign languages and cultures as part of a liberal arts education. Our cohort brings together Emory students to foster a sense of community of foreign languages learners beyond specific language boundaries and to discuss the benefits and the hurdles of the journey toward translingual and transcultural competence.

Each month, students participate in workshops on a variety of topics that focus on implementing experiences and knowledge of foreign languages and cultures into well-expressed and properly-communicated blog posts. After each workshop, students reflect on the dialogue and write a blog piece on how each topic pertains to their lives. 

Student also develop, organize, and implement initiatives that raise awareness of the importance of foreign languages and cultures as part of being a whole and well-rounded individual.