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The Hoax that I have chosen to create a podcast on is “The Hundred-Million-Dollar Robbery of the U.S Treasury”. It was an April Fools hoax, set in 1905 where newspapers published a fabricated story of a crime that had taken place in Washington D.C, however this story was created in Germany and aimed at German media, swiftly fooling Austria, Hungry and nearby countries. This Hoax is well suited for a podcast as it could potentially involve a lot of interviews, including eye-witnesses, pirates (as part of their form of escape was by ship), a U.S government spokesman and German reporters as well as an American reporter covering the story from different angles. There may also be investigators giving scientific background information.  All the interviews will shed different lights on the crime and have different emotions and voice tones. This is a dramatic hoax, like War of the Worlds and hence can use a serious news reporting voice and the effect of breaking news, where I will pretend to cut interrupt a show being televised at that time, swiftly changing the mood.

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  1. Lindsey Grubbs says:

    I think this will be a great fit for the breaking-news style hoax, since you have so many different voices you could pull in. It will probably be difficult to figure out how to keep all of this concise enough for a 3-5 minute podcast, but I think it’s definitely doable!

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