Style of Hoax

I will be carrying out a ‘breaking news’ style along with a comedic style to break up the podcast and to make it more interesting. The breaking news will interrupt a show and will be a series of serious reports from a news station and a government official or investigator and the comedic element will come into play from the interview with the pirates or other eye witnesses.  I will use the breaking news sound effect, which people are accustomed to hearing and immediately associate with emergency. The audience will be prime time, aiming at family TV time. I would also consider using a ‘crime and investigation’ style. In which the audience would be older and the show would be more analytical. There would be one commentator retelling the story along with interviews of a serious style. The show would focus more on the details and law of the crime, as well as following up with the lives of those affected.

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2 Responses to Style of Hoax

  1. Lindsey Grubbs says:

    This sounds good, Courtney–I like the specific audience. Please note, though, that the blog assignment asks you to brain storm *two* possible brands. Could you add another?

  2. Lindsey Grubbs says:

    Sorry, that was a big vague. By a second possible brand, I mean what other genre could you put this podcast in? If you didn’t do breaking news, but instead did something analytical like Sawbones or Radiolab, for instance.

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