Branding Swiss Spaghetti

For my Swiss Spaghetti podcast, two ways have emerged in which I can approach the situation. The first being a radio talk similar to that of Sawbones where I would be discussing the phenomenon and invite a guest (i.e. Swiss farmer) onto the show to share his experiences. This would enable me to reach a wider audience due to the European roots of this hoax. In order to make it seem more believable, I might even use a popular French broadcasting network that I used to listen to in high school called TV5 Monde. Since it is a Swiss hoax, I could pull in my own French-speaking abilities to make it more entertaining- possibly even using my own voice as the guest speaker to play on the mocking tone. The second option is a little more basic, wherein I use the hoax to create a bedtime story. This would further limit my audience to a younger generation; however, it could still be just as popular. The difficulty I see in portraying it this way is perhaps interweaving my own analysis into the fabrication of the hoax. While this might pose as a challenge, if I were able to come up with a solution, then it would be equally if not more entertaining than the first option mentioned above.

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  1. Lindsey Grubbs says:

    These both make a lot of sense to me, Kristin! I think you’re right that the first might give you a more interesting audience–an adult audience might give you a little more that you can wrestle with from a rhetorical standpoint.

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