DIA Hoax Podcast

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13 Responses to DIA Hoax Podcast

  1. Kristin Newman says:

    Love the background music! Very dark and foreboding…

  2. Kyra Watson says:

    I really enjoyed the interview! The accent was very entertaining lol

  3. Maya Danielle Bornstein says:

    Nice interviews, very creative accents with detailed accounts of the airports.

  4. Lauri Anne Schleicher says:

    The accent was very entertaining and I liked your reaction to it more and more as the podcast went on. Also, the geography of the airport added a convincing element at the beginning and led the audience to a visual representation of the hoax.

  5. Enzo Cianelli says:

    That background music was on point! I got chills. It hooked me immediately. And I loved the creativity and comic reliefs with the accents.

  6. A.J. Jackson-Sherrod says:

    I like the atmosphere you evoked in the beginning. It gave the hoax a dark ambience. Also the accent made the interview sound very believable.

  7. Yemaj Sheik says:

    The background music was excellent, it created a dark vibe which fit well with your podcast. Also the interview was very well and his accent was very enjoyable.

  8. Kristi Kwok says:

    I really enjoyed the background music, it helped build a lot of suspense and set a dark and eerie mood.

  9. Emma Schwartz says:

    I really liked your choice of sound effects and music. I think it really set the eery mood that you were aiming for!

  10. Liliana Zha says:

    I really liked how you set the tone in the beginning of the podcast, and of course the accent was very entertaining!

  11. Jack says:

    I really liked the music and sound effects. They made the podcast engaging as well as suspenseful.

  12. Courts says:

    I really liked the background music which created a dark mood and atmosphere.

  13. Rachel Marie Slaugenhaupt says:

    I’ve actually seen a few videos about Denver Airport conspiracies before so it was interesting to hear about them again! The spooky music really added to the tension of the podcast.

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