British Student Falls Prey to Swiss Spaghetti Harvest of 1957

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12 Responses to British Student Falls Prey to Swiss Spaghetti Harvest of 1957

  1. Maya Danielle Bornstein says:

    I liked how you related it to Emory as well as put the BBC commercial right into your podcast.

  2. Kyra Watson says:

    THE SVU INTRO OMG I LOVE IT! (I’m obsessed with Law and Order)

  3. Lauri Anne Schleicher says:

    Despite you thinking (you told me in class) that it didn’t flow very well, I thought the transitions worked really well with the music and the audience could focus on the apparent factuality rather than choppy cut-offs.

  4. Enzo Cianelli says:

    I am jealous of you Kristin. I have no idea what you were talking about, this project was absolutely perfect! It flowed so well and was perhaps one of the most entertaining! I loved how you had an argument with the British character! While he was hysterical, it still like a real and nonscripted discussion.

  5. A.J. Jackson-Sherrod says:

    I love the intro. It hooked me right away. I like how you were able to use the same type of intro that is used in Law and Order, but relate it to your topic.

  6. Emma Schwartz says:

    The intro was very catchy and funny. I think you used satire very well

  7. Kristi Kwok says:

    I really liked the law and order intro music, it added a very nice touch. Also, the interview was very funny.

  8. Selina Liu says:

    The allusion to Law and Order was so clever! Your confrontation with the British character was so entertaining.

  9. Liliana Zha says:

    Your podcast flowed very well, and I really liked the interview-it didn’t sound scripted at all

  10. Jack says:

    I though the intro music was awesome and the incorporation of the hoax audio into the podcast.

  11. Courts says:

    I liked the BBC commercial that was placed in the podcast which I feel makes it so much more realistic.

  12. Rachel Marie Slaugenhaupt says:

    You do a very good job at taking on a tone that allows you to sound very credible! I also thoroughly enjoyed the interview. I can’t say my British accent would be nearly as good as that!

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