Uncovering Hoaxes Podcast: Area 51

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12 Responses to Uncovering Hoaxes Podcast: Area 51

  1. Kristin Newman says:

    Awesome sound effects! I also really liked the thought-provoking questions at the end — great way to wrap things up!

  2. Maya Danielle Bornstein says:

    Great interviews, I loved the different voices. I also like how you nicely analyzed the hoax at the end.

  3. Lauri Anne Schleicher says:

    I enjoyed the topic in general. Area 51 is something that sci-fi fans have many questions about, and the different possible answers presented vary so greatly that it’s almost humorous. Hearing the interviews and first-person accounts definitely added to the accuracy of the “hoax” genre. The random diversions also made it seem more like a talk show because talk show hosts typically try to add humor to dense topics, which you did very well.

  4. Enzo Cianelli says:

    The sound effects were so smartly placed all throughout the podcast in such a funny and entertaining way that kept me completely engaged from start to finish! Script was very good and sounded effortless. I loved this podcast!

  5. Selina Liu says:

    The sound effects worked so well with your podcast and I was entertained the entire time. The interview was hilarious!

  6. A.J. Jackson-Sherrod says:

    I like how you switched to the live radio feed from the 1960s. It made the podcast well-rounded, and it added background history for the audience. The transitional music was very entertaining as well.

  7. Emma Schwartz says:

    I think you used sound effects well and voice effects well. It was interesting to have people with first hand accounts.

  8. Kristi Kwok says:

    I really liked the interview, which gave a first person view on the events that happened. It made it very realistic and the added background music also helped set the mood.

  9. Liliana Zha says:

    You created a “brand” and the sound effects were great! I liked how you gave a credible first hand account and the suspense you created.

  10. Jack says:

    The sound effects were great, and the drum roll especially, as well as your quick story about your friend and google at the beginning- it was a cool hoook.

  11. Courts says:

    I like how the tone is conversational, making it easy to listen to! I also like how it goes back to someone speaking in 1961 with a sound effect transition.

  12. Rachel Marie Slaugenhaupt says:

    I really enjoyed the sound effects. You did a nice job at knowing what to use and when to use it in order to draw the audience in.

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