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  1. Kristin Newman says:

    I really enjoyed the “Ghost Hunter” aspect, along with the rumors at the beginning. Great way to hook listeners!

  2. Maya Danielle Bornstein says:

    I really liked the scary music that kept the listeners on their feet

  3. Lauri Anne Schleicher says:

    The ominous background music made it feel like Halloween itself and it seemed like a legitimate ghost hunter show because of the accents (which were great by the way) and introduction.

  4. Selina Liu says:

    I also liked the comments by different people in the beginning because it reminded me of the scene in Blair Witch Project when Heather asked the locals about the myth.

  5. Kyra Watson says:

    The music was really enticing! It kept me drawn into the scary mood the entire time.

  6. Enzo Cianelli says:

    I like the concept! Making it a relevant subject to be concerned about here at Emory made it engaging and entertaining. Those sound effects and background music was TOO good! Just like Kristin said, it felt just like a “Ghost Hunters” episodes as you walked through the hall. I felt like we were living the experience with you.

  7. Emma Schwartz says:

    the accents were really funny and i think you accomplished an eery and creepy mood well

  8. Yemaj Sheik says:

    I loved the dark and mysterious music!!!! The whole thing sounded professional and like it was all actually happening at the moment because of the genuine conversations taking place.

  9. Kristi Kwok says:

    I love the topic of the hoax and the idea behind Dooley’s legend, I think it’s very applicable to the students of Emory and would interest them.

  10. Courts says:

    I love how there was a mysterious underlying tone to the podcast and how there was an interruption like a tv losing its channel. This created a spooky effect.

  11. Jack says:

    I liked the background music, and the interviews/comments from other people.

  12. Rachel Marie Slaugenhaupt says:

    This is awesome! It isn’t like most of the other podcasts, taking on a genre of its own. I love the first-hand experiences and it makes it seem as though you’re going on the paranormal adventure with them. It was also nice that you were able to incorporate so many “characters” into the podcast. It helps make it more engaging.

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