The Classes Podcasts

Today in class, it was intriguing being able to listen to other people’s podcasts because it allowed me to not only compare them to my own but to realize the creativity of my classmates. My favorite features of others podcasts were their music, and voices.

Firstly, I think what made some podcast stand out was how interesting their topic was. It was easier for me to zone out, when I had no concern for the topic. However, I noticed that I was much more engaged from start to finish when the creator added lots of music, sound effects, and voices, that kept reminding me to pay attention. For example, when there was really suspenseful music or noises that made the podcasts seem very real, I was naturally more attentive.

If I could I would steal the different modulated voices. It was challenging to me to figure out how to change the technology in order to do that, so I just created my own accents which is funny but not as skillful. The different voices and music could make the listeners laugh or maybe even frighten them! I also enjoyed when music played throughout the podcast while the presenter was talking. I liked my brand of podcast, but I think podcasts that imposed the hoaxes were also very inventive and enticing.

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