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These podcasts were a great way to not only expose us to new hoaxes and channel our inner creativity, but also open our minds to other media of knowledge transmission through podcasts. The podcast form allowed us to speak more personally and informally. Technology allowed us to fabricate sound or replicate it exactly, which we can use to our advantage in instances such as interviews.

I liked how some people chose to create an original hoax. I would probably have tried to create my own hoax instead of analyzing a real one because being able to create details allows you to make hoaxes crazy. I enjoyed how Yemaj used a spontaneous, news interview-like approach where not even the host knew what was going to happen during the interview. I would have tried to put some twist at the end such as Kyra’s “government shutting down the broadcast” to leave open-ended questions. That really sent a chill down my spine. People who made their own hoaxes frequently used jargon to add credibility, and I found that to be very effective. I think I would have made a more official sounding title for the podcast.

The most important aspects of making a podcast successful is making it entertaining. Unlike reading, where reading times can vary, the time it takes to listen to a podcast is always the same. Thus there needs to be something to keep the audience engaged. Voice modulations are humorous and effective. Interviews should be kept real but voice modulations do a lot to satirize a quote. I

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