Podcast Post Reflection

Everyone had such innovative podcasts and I was so surprised at how many different types of things one can do with a podcast medium. I especially enjoyed the podcasts that used well-timed sound effects. Kristin’s intro using the Law and Order SVU opening and theme was so clever and creative. Kyra’s topic Area 51 was also very engaging. I liked how she pulled some “evidence” from the past to help her create the hoax. The sound effects made the podcasts feel much shorter to listen to and more engaging. I also loved how many of my peers had others featured on their podcasts. Some of the interviews were hilarious and reminded me that we are creating hoaxes. If I could do my podcast over, I would insert more sound effects. I would also rerecord some of the interviews because I noticed that when I edited, I would sometimes cut off the initial sound of the first word. Doing so, I made my podcast more choppy, interrupting the flow. I also would make my voice less monotone and more lively. The snowball mic was super easy to use; however, I would haveĀ used a different application then Audacity. I think I was more familiar with iMovie and would have made a better podcast using that application.

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