Podcast Reflection 2.0

What I found to be the most unique and original feature of most podcasts was the use of sound effects (with the exception of a few standard sounds, such as hand clapping). Those podcasts that were successful in keeping my attention from beginning to end also had a tendency to break up long phrases with some sort of a musical interlude. The most effective use of these interventions were the ones that were appropriate for the topic being discussed, and even added a touch of humor, such as a drum roll or creepy background music. While the sound effects played a vital role in making the podcast entertaining, the most important element was having an engaging speaker. Podcasts that lacked this throughout tended to lose the attention of listeners. Those speakers that were able to successfully use humor did so in a natural, unforced way, and did not laugh at their own jokes. A humorous speaker tended to make the podcast more enjoyable; however, it varies depending on the hoax. If I were able to steal ideas from others, I would surely use the hilarious names for callers and the cutoff at the end of Lauri’s podcast. I thought that this was especially effective in leaving the listeners wanting more, which proved to be difficult for me after debunking my hoax. Another elements I would consider including are a commercial and an additional interview with a spaghetti farmer in which I bring in someone else to imitate a Swiss accent.

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  1. Lindsey Grubbs says:

    Nice! Good details and reflection, Kristin.

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