One of my favorite features of other people’s podcast was the different voices people used. Some people chose to do all the voices themselves, but used an accent, so their voice was unrecognizable or change the pitch of their voice. while others chose to use other people’s voices with an accent. Both ways made people’s podcast sound legitimate. Another favorite feature of mine was the music people chose for their podcasts. The music either provided great transitional points or an ambience that added to the overall purpose of the hoax. What made particular podcasts very successful was the format. Instead of doing a podcast that only consisted of explaining and analyzing the hoax and interviewing an expert about it, some people directed you to the hoax itself. By giving the audience a first hand experience of the hoax, it made the podcast interesting, and it kept my attention. It also gave the audience knowledge of  what the hoax itself was like, instead of assuming from another person’s analyzation. Another thing that made particular podcast successful, was using common techniques, but personalizing them. For example, some people used the technique of breaking news, one person used the same intro as a tv show, some people added accents to the experts they were interviewing to make them sound “smarter.” A couple of ideas I would steal is using music as a transition, the Law and Order intro that Kristin used, and the scary demonic voice that Alex used.

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  1. Lindsey Grubbs says:

    Really nice, detailed response, A.J.–you’ve done a nice job tying in the technical tactics with the rhetorical appeals they were making.

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