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Photo of three people jumping with "enthusiasm"

A little inspiration!

On Wednesday, January 24 a group of fifteen UTS Managers got together for a presentation from William O’Neal from Learning Services on “The 7 Action Steps to Maintain Enthusiasm.” It was an excellent presentation with great interaction and participation during the event. The seven action steps we learned about were as follows:

Action Step # 1 – Talk to yourself… (Self-esteem)

Action Step # 2 – Communicate Effectively & Smile often (It’s attractive), esteem others (be sincere and specific), and empathize with others (state their feelings and the facts that caused them)

Action Step # 3 – Continue to live according to the principles of personal vision:

  • Visualization
  • Desire
  • Goals
  • Challenge limiting beliefs

Action Step # 4 – Reflect on your purpose for doing the things you do (It helps to understand the “WHY”: This makes the WHAT and HOW bearable)

Action Step # 5 – Always look for the opportunity in change:

  • New responsibilities
  • Hardships
  • Setbacks
  • Etc.

Action Step # 6 – Plug-in and stay connected to sources of inspiration (Church, Music, Books, etc.)

Action Step # 7 – Balance your work and family life.

  • Do not catch every ball thrown in your direction
  • Allow good thinking to replace over commitment.
  • You are responsible to others not for them.

It was great to see the “enthusiasm” that was evident in that room during and after the event.  We will be looking to set up similar types of events in the future.

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