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The Tribes We Lead: Seth Godin Speaks

Image of Seth Godin's "Tribes" book cover

One of Brett Coryell’s (UTS) favorite books is Tribes, by Seth Godin. Recently, TEDEducation published a video of an inspired speech regarding the themes from the book that Godin made at a TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Conference in 2009. Although over four years old, the speech is as relevant in today’s job climate as ever. According […]

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Tabitha Pirtle Visits China

Photo of Tabitha Pirtle in China

Tabitha Pirtle (Call Center) has traveled the world. Having grown up in a military family where she was raised in West Germany and Japan, she has managed to see her fair share of foreign lands. So when her cousin Micah told her that she simply MUST attend his wedding in Shanghai, China, it became a […]

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Systems Engineering Upgrades Infrastructure HW Platform

Photo of new Cisco switches in data center.

With an eye toward the overall Virtualization Environment, the Systems Engineering team has dramatically transformed the server architecture in the Data Center to match the current and future needs of the environment. The team had been running HP c-Class blades for 5-6 years so it was time to examine the best fit for the organization. […]

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MOOCs and Me: A Coursera User Testimonial

Screen shot from Coursera course catalog

It was late September, and the talk of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) was everywhere. Emory had just committed to joining the new online consortium, Coursera, and my Academic Technology Services neighbors, Steve Bransford, Lee Clontz, and Shannon O’Daniel were asked to lead us on a new online adventure. What are MOOCs? I had to […]

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UTS Managers Launch Apollo 13

Logo for NASA's Apollo 13 Mission

On January 24 and 25, the UTS Managers participated in an ITIL-based workshop where their goal was to guide Apollo 13 on a journey to and from the moon. The managers were divided into two groups, each attending a one-day mission to run a simulation of the real Mission Control center at NASA. Team members were […]

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Be Careful What You Ask For: a Lesson in Password Security

Illustration of a padlock on a blue globe

Password security is no joke. If you have ever struggled to bolster the strength of your passwords or had difficulty remembering them, you can appreciate the frustration that often accompanies password maintenance. Toby Turner, comedian, YouTube celebrity and entrepreneur, recently posted this hilarious video rant about his frustration with password security requirements (apologies for the […]

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Sam Phillips, Systems Analyst/Admin, R-WIT

Photo of new employee Sam Phillips

Sam came to R-WIT to do application support. His last job was at the Georgia Tech Research Institute, where he did high-performance computing for three years. He was also a system administrator at Sanford Brown College. Possessing a management degree from Georgia Tech, Sam also has a CIS/SP certification. He attended Tech despite growing up […]

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