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Before Ebola: The U.S. Government’s Role in Controlling Contagious Disease

Vintage photo of a group of doctors

[Ed. Note: this article was written by Elizabeth McBride and Chris Palazzolo, Social Science Librarians & Curators.] George Washington and Thomas Jefferson would be shocked by today’s anti-vaxxers. Both men went to tremendous and dangerous lengths to obtain inoculations against deadly smallpox. Washington sought to inoculate the entire Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, and Jefferson was […]

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Nathaniel Akyempong, Communications Specialist, Field Services

Photo of new employee

Nathaniel Akyempong joins the field services team as a communications specialist. He will be moving and activating phones. He previously worked for two years in the same type of role for ATS, an Emory subcontractor. Nathaniel also spent 10 years at Share Technologies, where he installed Nortel phone systems. Born in Monrovia, Liberia, Nathaniel has […]

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Luc Dalla Venezia, Manager, ITSMO

Photo of new employee

Luciano Dalla Venezia is the new manager of the IT Service Management Office (ITSMO), having served as the interim manager since September 2014. The reporting of this position changed from Marc Overcash to Sriram Chari. Luc joined the team as an IT service manager in 2009. Before coming to Emory, Luc worked for two years as an […]

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Update From HR

Alex Cooper, Core Systems Data Analyst, reporting to Chris Spalding, started his new position on 4/1/15. (…bio coming soon) Emily Porter, Digital Library Coordinator, reporting to Lars Meyer, started her new position on 4/1/15. (…bio coming soon) Comings: Ed Morris, Enterprise Middleware Admin I, reporting to Kevin Chen, started on 4/6/15. (…bio coming soon)

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Special InfoForum: Project Management

Photo of an employee

Please mark your calendars for a special information session on Wednesday, April 15, 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. in the Jones Room. Program Manager Felicia Bianchi will discuss project management from business case to close out: what project managers do, the industry standard methodology, terms team members need to know, project processes and tools you may use. In […]

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Mark Your Calendar: IT Briefing

The IT Briefing is scheduled for Thursday, April 16, from 10:15 to noon, in the Fourth Floor Auditorium of the North Decatur Building. Refreshments will be served so please join us. The LITS Campus and Community Relations team presents the monthly IT Briefing to provide the Emory IT community with important technical information and updates. These […]

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Space planning requires expertise and patience

Floor plan for NDB

How does LITS coordinate the office moves of 92 employees, between three buildings, and including new construction, network alignment, and all VOIP and data needs all in one effort? Call Susan Greene, of course. As a dedicated construction project manager, Susan is an expert at these types of activities. Working with Wayne Angel (Planning, Design & Construction) and […]

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