Space planning requires expertise and patience

Floor plan for NDB

Floor plan for NDB.

How does LITS coordinate the office moves of 92 employees, between three buildings, and including new construction, network alignment, and all VOIP and data needs all in one effort? Call Susan Greene, of course.

As a dedicated construction project manager, Susan is an expert at these types of activities. Working with Wayne Angel (Planning, Design & Construction) and Stephanie Davies (Planning & Interiors), Susan has been estimating the infrastructure cost, including all new cables or relocation of existing cables, wireless design and any internal cost as they prepare a report for the Ways and Means committee.

The initiation phase of the project, where they determine if it benefits the organization and identify if it can realistically be achieved, has already been completed. They are now entering into the planning phase of the project where the project scope is put into writing, the work that needs to be performed is outlined, and the order of work is scheduled.

This move is the result of work done since December 2014 by the Workspace Planning Committee. Chaired by Patti Pate and comprised of Kim Comstock, Charles Forrest, Paul Petersen, and Rob Renner, the committee worked with Campus Services to devise a “big bang” approach to complete all of the moves in a short period of time. Once the proposal was approved by the Governance Committee, they engaged the help of Susan.

Photo of Susan Greene

Susan Greene, construction project manager

According to Patti, “These moves are a great opportunity to bring more collaboration while building team unity and camaraderie,” following the divisional realignment announced last fall.

The LITS teams involved in the move include the Project Management Office (PMO), Database Administration, Middleware/Integration, Identity Management, IT Service Management, a few members from IT Security, IT Architecture, Enterprise Services Design, Business and Administration, Human Resources, Finance/Accounting, and two members of Campus and Community Relations.

Part of the difficulty in completing this type of move is that many of the groups are swapping spaces with each other and the goal is to have people move only once. Patti and Paul will soon be providing detailed floor plans and seating charts to the individual managers involved in the move.

The moves are tentatively scheduled to begin June 1 and Susan Greene will drive the individual move scheduling. “My advice to everyone that is moving,” said Susan, “is that once you get your crates, start filling them up, and be ready when your DUE DATE arrives! Timing is extremely important.”

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