Donate Your DNA

Students who participate in MAPme can donate their DNA to the MAPme biorepository. As a thank you, students will earn an additional $5 Amazon gift card.

Why Donate My DNA? 

In order to better understand substance use and other mental health problems, we need to understand how our genes contribute to or predispose us to such problems. Our goal is to form a biorepository that represents the diverse demographics of metro-Atlanta colleges and universities. A biorepository stores and manages biological samples, in this case, extracted DNA for use in research. By sharing your DNA, you become part of cutting-edge research to keep people healthy.

How will my DNA be collected?

You will collect your own saliva by:

  1. Swishing distilled water inside your mouth
  2. Spitting into a tube
  3. Swabbing the inside of your cheeks with a sterile cotton swab
  4. Putting the cotton swab into the tube and closing it

How are my survey responses and DNA information kept confidential and protected?

MAPme is covered by a Certificate of Confidentiality from the National Institutes of Health. Your survey responses and your DNA cannot be used for any other purpose, including legal proceedings, paternity tests, drug tests, DNA cloning, or testing for genetic disorders. Your genetic information will solely be used for research.

Will I get back information about my DNA/genes?

No. For confidentiality, samples are labeled with coded numbers and stored separately from any other information, including your identifying information. This means that your individual genetic information cannot be identified and we cannot provide you with any individual information, including information about your ancestry or genetic health risks.