Courses on Drug Use and Addiction

MAPme uses cutting-edge research methods and education tools to promote better health and well-being. MAPme’s Principal Investigator, Dr. Rohan Palmer, recently created an innovative course (PSYCH 180: Research on College Drug Use) at Emory University that exposes undergraduates like you to research on the topic of drug use among undergraduate students. The PSYCH 180  course is especially geared towards freshmen. Students in the course get hands-on research experience by analyzing data provided by Emory University respondents. By participating in MAPme, your de-identified data may be used to help teach students in PSYCH 323. Dr. Palmer also teaches, PSYCH 223/720P: Behavioral Effects of Drugs, which provides a more in-depth examination of the biological, clinical, and sociological aspects of drug addiction.

Our past students were able to learn the following:

  • How to generate hypotheses
  • Conduct statistical tests
  • Create research posters
  • Public speaking skills

Past Research Questions

  • Is binge drinking associated with risky sexual behavior?
  • Can drinking patterns predict interpersonal violence?
  • Is marijuana really a “gateway” into other drugs such as heroin?

See a copy of the syllabus here.