Education on Behavioral Genetics

Here are some resources to learn more about Genomics

Readings and Websites

The Missing Diversity in Human Genetic Studies. This paper published in Cell speaks about the importance of diversity in genetic studies. You can also read Human Genomics Research Has A Diversity Problem by NPR which explains the paper published in Cell in a more accessible way.

Lack Of Diversity In Genomic Databases Is A Barrier To Translating Precision Medicine Research Into Practice also speaks to the importance of diversity in genomics research.

A Brief Guide to Genomics by the National Institutes of Health Here you can learn all the basics of Genomics, access fact sheets, and learn about current research in the field of Genomics.

Genomics and Precision Health. This webpage by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention allows you to explore genomics, related health topics, genetic testing, and current research in the field.

The Science of Addiction: Genetics and the Brain website by The University of Utah has a lot of resources to learn more about the topic.


This Ted Talk is by Behavioral Geneticist Dr. Danielle Dick
This video was created by The Mayo Clinic
This video was created by Ontario Genomics