“Joe Louis Barrow: A Life and Career in Context” – MARBL Exhibits on the Move

Since the exhibit, “Joe Louis Barrow: A Life and Career in Context” first appeared in Woodruff Library in November of 2013, it has made a profound impression on a much wider audience beyond Emory’s campus.  The exhibit emphasizes one of MARBL’s newest collecting areas: African Americans in sports.  Collecting initiatives and exhibitions on this topic has been led by Dr. Pellom McDaniels III, faculty curator of MARBL’s African American Collections and assistant professor of African American studies.  Boxer Joe Louis Barrow, who fought under the name of Joe Louis, is considered by many to be the first famous African American athlete.  Joe Louis Barrow held the title of world heavyweight champion from 1937-1949, and retired in 1951 with the record of 68-3.

Dr. McDaniels III participated in the Annual Fredonia, Alabama Heritage Day on November 6, 2014, where he displayed the exhibit and addressed local residents interested in the life and legacy of their most famous former resident.



The exhibit was also displayed in the Chambers County Public Library as part of the celebration of Joe Louis’ 100th birthday on May 13, 2014.

The exhibit is currently on display at the Tulsa Public Library, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


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