Newborn Visit

What are the priorities for this visit?

Health supervision:

  • Focus of history
    • History labor/delivery
    • Infant @ delivery
    • Neonatal course
      • Obtain and analyze appropriate maternal/fetal diagnostic values.
      • Formulate an appropriate plan of care for the newborn based on maternal/fetal diagnostics.
      • Utilize and interpret the APGAR score
      • Describe and interpret gestational age assessment tools
  • Observe Parent Interaction
  • Survey development/parent concerns
    • Social-emotional
    • Communicative
    • Cognitive
    • Physical Development
  • Screening
    • Anticipatory guidance
      • Refer to Bright Futures pocket guide
        • Discuss nutritional requirements of the newborn
        • Explain the types of prophylaxis treatments required for the newborn
        • Describe differences in care for the near-term newborn
    • Physical Exam, note differences in priorities among exams and for future exams Neonate