Promoting Good Nutrition


How do nutritional needs change from the neonate period through young adulthood?  Please think about the following questions:

  1. Recognize the contribution of nutrition to wellness and flourishing.
  2. Develop strategies to promote healthy nutrition.
  3. Discuss maternal nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Required reading:  Bright Futures, Nutrition, Theme 5

Pediatrics:  Krebs, N. F., Himes, J. H., Jacobson, D., Nicklas, T. A., Guilday, P., & Styne, D. (2007). Assessment of child and adolescent overweight and obesity. Pediatrics,120(Supplement 4), S193-S228.

Bright Futures Nutrition and Pocket Guide

Assignment:  Outline the expected nutrition and growth parameters per age and be prepared to discuss.