Clinical Trial Invoices & Checks

With the PeopleSoft go-live date less than four months away, changes are imminent for processing clinical trial invoices and checks. To ease the transition and save some work and time in the departments, we are requesting that a copy of each clinical trial invoice be sent to the Office of Grants and Contracts Accounting using the below street address on the invoice as the place to send the check. you can send the copy of the invoice electronically to:

OR a hard copy can be sent via campus mail to:

Nadia Sosiah – Payment Processing
Emory University
1599 Clifton Road, 4th floor
Mailstop 1599/001/1BH
Atlanta, GA 30322-4250

Please make sure the invoice includes the Emory FAS account number. The emory account number is not required by the sponsor; however, OGCA needs it so that the payment can be directed to the right project. Emory has a number of clinical trials from the same sponsor with the same Emory PI. The lack of an Emory account number will delay processing, while the appropriate account number for the clinical trial is researched.

Please note that some sponsors calculate the amount of funds due Emory from the milestones, stages or tasks completed as reported by the PI in a verbal or written technical report. Thus there may be no invoice to match a payment. In these cases, please make sure the sponsor knows that we need the Emory account number on the remittance advice or cover letter in order to deposit the check to the correct clinical trial.

If you have any questions, please contact Jim Fulton at

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