OTT Plans to Introduce New and Improved Process for Outgoing Low-Risk DUAs

Authors: Asher Alt, Marketing Specialist (OTT) & Jess Beach, Marketing Specialist (OTT)

Most outgoing data use agreements (DUAs) leaving Emory are classified as low-risk. To streamline and expedite their processing times, OTT will be implementing a new strategy: giving Emory PIs and research teams control of executing these types of contracts. 

The Background 

Last year, the Office of Technology Transfer started handling all outgoing DUAs for Emory University. While this increased the number of contracts for OTT, it simplified the process and put DUAs in the hands of people who specialize in the issues involved in this kind of contract. 

Low-risk DUAs are typically easy to process, but they can fill up our pipeline quickly. This new, simplified approach will reduce cycle time and will give PIs and their research teams more control over the timeline. As long as we receive complete and accurate packages from our faculty partners – which includes the faculty member’s attestations – we will be able to get their DUAs out the door in around 1-2 days. 

This new process, which has already received approval from leadership, is based off an existing model in use at Massachusetts General Brigham, and we are confident we can make it work here at Emory.  

The New Process 

Giving PIs and research teams more control over the timeline will involve collaboration between OTT, ORA, and our faculty partners. Below is the new, seven-step process for outgoing low-risk DUAs. 

  1. PI obtains prior IRB review and approval (if applicable). 
  1. PI reviews the low-risk documentation to assure the subject data meets the low-risk criteria. 
  1. PI completes DUA online training, continuing to refresh tri-annually. 
  1. PI completes the DUA template pre-approved by OTT. 
  1. PI/Research team sends completed DUA template to data recipient for signature. 
  1. PI completes attestation form and submits along with the partially executed agreement for signature by OTT (via contractConnect portal). 
  1. OTT executes DUA and provides a fully executed copy to all parties. 

All other DUAs will be handled according to the current process. 

For More Information 

The OTT website will have detailed information regarding the new process, including listing criteria for low-risk DUAs, answering FAQs about the process, and providing pre-approved DUA templates. The DUA Training will also be launching soon on Brainier for PIs, and it will take fewer than 30 minutes to complete. Only PIs are eligible for the training and to submit attestations. 

We look forward to implementing this new process with your help.

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