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EHSO Website Updates 

The BARS is now available for lipopolysaccharide (LPS): A Biological Agent Reference Sheet (BARS) is a document that reviews the infectious nature of a pathogen and offers recommendations for work involving the agent in a laboratory setting. The document reviews containment issues, facility needs, emergency response, training, vaccine recommendations and availability, and follow up […]

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Safety Selfie Contest!

Take selfies with Safety-related items and be among the first to turn them in! The first 25 people to complete the task will win a roll up sweatshirt blanket. Here’s how it works: Choose 7 out of 10 of the items below, take a selfie with each item, then label each picture and e-mail to (you can also prepare a collage and […]

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FY19 Lab Rat Winners and Quiz Q!

Check out all the Lab Rat readers who won goodie bags in FY19!  We thank all the readers in the Emory research community who read our newsletters between September 2018 and August 2019 and participated in the goodie bag contest. FY19 Lab Rat Quiz winners:  Month  Name  Department  September  Sreenivas Nannapaneni  Winship Cancer Institute  October  Deepa Kodandera  Yerkes National Primate […]

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Have You Updated Your EHSO Training?

Let’s celebrate! Training Compliance has improved over the past year.  Safety training is an administrative control in addition to having standard operating procedures and lab-specific training. Starting in May 2018, the EHSO training modules for Research Lab Safety, Bloodborne pathogens (BBP), Biosafety, Laser Safety, Radiation Safety were migrated to BioRAFT.   See below how as a community, Emory research personnel decreased the […]

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Lab Safety Spotlight Winners in FY19

EHSO Research Safety team nominated labs every month to recognize their commitment to safety. The winners received a pizza party.   The Kim Lab was the winner for August. Congratulations to the members of Dr. Minsu Kim’s research group for embracing a culture of safety.   Congratulations and keep up the great work!  Lab Safety Spotlight Winners in FY19: October 2018: Dr. Shannon Meeks […]

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Top Laboratory Assessment Findings for FY19

The EHSO Research Safety team wants to acknowledge and thank all lab personnel and principal investigators for your hard work and efforts during this year’s laboratory assessments (inspections). It is our goal to ensure that everyone works safely in their labs and remains in regulatory compliance. Your continued efforts are improving the culture of safety in Emory’s […]

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September is Emergency Preparedness Month

To make sure you’re prepared in any situation, consider the following list for ideas:  Always dial 911 in case of an emergency. It is also important to have the numbers for the Police Department/Security on hand.  Exposures are reported in PeopleSoft (          PeopleSoft > self-service > Workplace Health>Log into HOME> Report           OIM: 7:30 am- 4pm 404-686-8587;           After […]

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New Faces in the EHSO Research Safety Team

The Research Safety team welcomes Kristina Bowen and Anurati Romesh to EHSO! Kristina is an EHS Professional II in the Research Safety Department of the Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO). Prior to joining EHSO, she was an Environmental Health Practitioner for a county health department. Kristina holds a Master of Public Health degree from […]

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Lab Safety Spotlight: We Have a Tie!

We have a tie for this month’s Lab Safety Spotlight! After the Research Safety team conducted laboratory inspections during the month of July, our team has selected two labs to be recognized. EHSO would like to recognize the Cooper Lab and the Lonial Lab for the July Lab Safety Spotlight. Congratulations to the members of the […]

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In the News… Lessons Learned

Unforeseen laboratory accidents and incidents can occur as a result of working with different types of hazards associated with research activities.  Over the last several years, high profile events at universities across the country have raised concerns about lab safety programs and efforts to mitigate hazards and risks. In recent news, a student at the […]

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