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Environmental Health & Safety Office

Hierarchy of Controls

Emory has a commitment to its faculty, staff, and students to keep them safe while conducting research. A “Hierarchy of Controls” is used to minimize employee exposure to hazards. The control methods at the top are perceived as more protective than those at the bottom. Eliminating the hazard is the most effective control method, however […]

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Emergency Preparedness

Now that campus has returned to in person activities, investing the time to learn how to protect yourself and others when there is an emergency contributes to your personal safety, the community’s safety, and to community resilience. September is National Preparedness Month, scheduled each fall in partnership with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help communities […]

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Sharps Safety

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 62% – 88% of sharps injuries can be prevented simply by using safer medical devices. Researchers should always consider how to safely handle sharps and identify procedures and/or scenarios when a sharps injury could occur. By identifying when a sharps injury can occur, planned activities can be evaluated, reducing the likelihood of a sharps-related injury.   What is the […]

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Welcome Fall Semester

Fall semester is here and we would like to welcome back the Emory community returning to campus. The Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO) is here to work with you to help keep Emory safe.  With the new school year ahead of us, be sure to review the following resources:  Emory Forward website – provides current COVID-19 information for the Emory community including the COVID-19 Visitor Policy.   EHSO Research Safety Building Liaisons – see who the […]

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Effective July 1, 2021 general campus-wide visitor restrictions are lifted. Visitors are welcome to access campus; however, certain public-facing spaces may enforce additional restrictions or limitations including reduced services, scheduled appointments, or other measures. Visitors are asked to review current campus COVID-19 policies and protocols on Emory Forward prior to their visit and follow the […]

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Summer Clothing and Lab Safety

The weather is warming up and while shorts and sandals are great if you are spending time outside, it is important to be properly dressed when working in a laboratory to reduce injuries and exposures if an incident occurs.   Proper laboratory attire includes wearing long pants/skirt, closed-toed shoes, and securing long hair. Along with proper attire, remember to wear your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), […]

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Accident Response and Reporting

In the event of an accident, incident, or near-miss employees must notify their supervisor and report it. This includes injuries, exposures, illnesses, falls, and fires.  Injuries or Exposures:  If there is a medical emergency requiring transport to the nearest emergency department, call 911.  Immediately address the injury or exposure:  Bites, needlesticks, cuts, hand or arm exposures – Wash exposed area with soap and water for 15 […]

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Do I Need Respiratory Protection?

Emory has a commitment to its faculty, staff, and students to keep them safe while they conduct research. One type of hazard found while conducting research activities is airborne contaminants. This includes chemicals, animal dander, physical hazards, including nanoparticles, and/or biological agents.   Emory uses the “Hierarchy of Controls” to minimize employee exposure to hazards, including airborne contaminants. When eliminating or substituting a process that produces an […]

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Chemical Waste Contest Winner

The winner of the Chemical Waste Contest from April’s Research Safety Update newsletter is…the Ryan Lab in Claudia Nance Rollins! Congratulations to the members of Dr. Barry Ryan’s research group! The winners will receive a prize compliments of Emory EHSO. Remember the 3 C’s of Chemical Waste: Closed – All chemical waste containers must remain […]

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The Safety Theme for June is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The purpose of PPE is to protect yourself from potential exposures as well as protect others by keeping what you work with inside the lab. PPE is one aspect of risk minimization and it serves as your last line of defense against direct exposures to hazardous materials and environments.  The minimum PPE required includes a lab coat or disposable gown, long pants/skirt, and closed-toe shoes. Task specific gloves and […]

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