Biological Safety Protocol Electronic Submission

Author: Scott Thomaston, AVP, EHSO

For the last several years the Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO) has been utilizing software named BioRAFT as an electronic platform for investigators to submit their Biosafety protocols. Recently BioRaft has been rebranded and is now SciShield. Aside from the name change the software remains the same, including the support team, and the company.

As part of the rebranding URL to access the site [] will be changed to the new URL [] in April. The site will be down for approximately 1 hour during this time.

There is no action needed from researchers ! All existing information including training records, documents, group associations, etc. will remain the same, within the same application, and researchers do not need to reenter any information in the system.

What to consider?  Although the site is being transitioned from BioRAFT to SciShield, any links that contain the BioRAFT domain in the URL will still work and will automatically redirect users to the corresponding SciShield URL. This will also be the case for any bookmarks or links that users have saved for  reference. This redirect will occur for a short time; therefore, users are strongly encouraged  to update  bookmarks with the address.

Please contact the Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO), Research Safety, Biosafety Officer with any questions at

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