Know Your Contract Status – Use eCTS

The Emory Contracts Tracking System (eCTS) is an electronic contract management and tracking system that allows Emory faculty and staff to track the status of agreements from initial receipt to full execution, as well as the ability to obtain additional information pertaining to specific incoming agreements.  The system is web-based, allowing Emory faculty and staff to access information remotely.

eCTS provides the status of incoming sponsored agreements handled by the OSP Contracts Group.  These industry and non-industry sponsored agreements include, but are not limited to:

  • clinical trial agreements
  • research agreements
  • confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements related to clinical trials
  • research service agreements
  • clinical material transfer agreements

eCTS is accessible via the OSP website, at,  under the SYSTEMS  menu–  Contract Tracking System link.  To login to eCTS, an Emory NetID is required. The Emory NetID is the username and password used to access Emory e-mail.

Upon successful login, Emory faculty and staff can search the status of agreements by entering the last name of the Principal Investigator (PI) or by entering the Proposal ID as assigned in EPEX.  After entering the PI’s last name or Proposal ID, click on the selected record to obtain detailed information regarding the status of agreements.

To obtain additional information on the status of an agreement, please click on the “send e-mail” button. This will send an e-mail message to the OSP Contract staff assigned to the agreement.

* Note: For agreements that do not require EPEX routing (i.e., confidentiality agreements), the PI’s last name should be used as the search filter.

**Note: Information contained in eCTS represents the status of agreements as of close of business on the previous day.

For questions on eCTS please contact Nikki Simmons at

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