Reprint: eNOA Changes June 30, 2014

As of June 30, 2114, changes to the eNOA were made.  What were the changes?

On the Front Page

  • Administrative Data section– Type no longer appears on the front (New, Continuation, Renewal, etc.)
  • Project Information section – Smartkey is now visible next to the Project ID. (Cost share smartkey or project does not show here.)
  • Subcontracts section– All Subcontracts will now appear and the project number to which that subcontract belongs will be shown.

Click on any of the images below to review the changes!

Previous NOA
Revised NOA


On the Second Page

  • Chartfield Information section includes the Status for the smartkey, I for Inactive  and A for
  • Cumulative Information section now shows all cumulative amounts even if the smartkey was inactivated.
  • Cumulative Information now shows the Smartkey and  Status, since a project could have two smartkeys for various reasons.
  • Cumulative Information no longer shows cost share (The front page still indicates Cost Share under the Purpose; and the smartkey will show under the Chartfield Information.)
    • Note: In this example Salary Cost Share is noted, however, if non-salary amounts were included under the Project Budgets page then those amounts would no longer appear in this section.

Click on any of the images below to review the changes!

Previous NOA


Revised NOA

Jumionne Tiako, Associate Director, DMG

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