New Document Updates


EHSO has launched three updated documents and a brand new Forms / Documents page on the EHSO website. Visit for an easy way to search for and filter through all EHSO documents.


Are You a Supervisor?

Check out the updated Principal Investigator’s Guide to EHS. We shortened it, updated it, and added more slots for signatures. Did you know that you are expected to be review it with every employee in the lab? The new version is available online as well. Review it with all lab personnel to ensure they understand the laboratory safety expectations.


Does Your Lab Work with Bloodborne Pathogens?

Please review the revised Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan (SAF-311). It is a resource written to assist supervisors in determining the job activities and potential risks that place staff for occupational exposure to BBP. It facilitates the identification of training and immunization requirements for affected personnel.


Do You Use Chemicals?

Evaluate the annual update for the Chemical Hygiene Plan (SAF-351). The CHP is designed to ensure the safe handling and use of chemicals from receipt to disposal. This year’s revisions include:

  • available training
  • Global Harmonization System of Hazard Communication
  • updates to spill team information and document hyperlinks

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