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Do I Need Respiratory Protection?

Emory has a commitment to its faculty and staff to keep them safe while they conduct the world renowned research that has made our name globally recognized. One of the hazards some our researchers face are airborne contaminants. These can be chemicals, animal dander, physical hazards (such as nanoparticles) and biological agents. Emory uses the […]

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Lab Findings: Avoid creating a biohazard risk for yourself, coworkers or other ancillary personnel

Early morning, during the month of May, EHSO was contacted by Building Residential Services (BRS) to notify us that one of the workers had found syringes with unshielded needles on the edge of a counter in a laboratory while they were collecting regular waste during the night shift. BRS provided the following picture: A close-up […]

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Research Lab Safety, BBP and Biosafety Training Modules Have Moved to BioRAFT

The following training modules can now be completed in BioRAFT: EHSO – Research Lab Safety – ANNUAL EHSO – BBP for Researchers – ANNUAL EHSO – Biosafety – EVERY THREE YEARS ✓ Log into BioRAFT: emory.bioraft.com. If you are due to update any of the training modules mentioned above, follow the prompts to update your training. […]

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EHSO Website Updates

The following documents were updated recently on the EHSO website: Research Safety documents: SAF-351 CHEMICAL HYGIENE PLAN: http://www.ehso.emory.edu/documents/saf-351-chemical-hygiene-plan.pdf USDA Applications – How do I apply for a USDA permit? http://www.ehso.emory.edu/research-safety/usda-applications.html

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DEA Controlled Substances and Dangerous Drugs

Updates Regarding Controlled Substances and Dangerous Drugs: The Office of Compliance has updated its Controlled Substances and Dangerous Drugs forms (available here). In addition to the updated forms, a new Self-Inspection Form and a new Controlled Substance Dilution Use Log are now available. The Office of Compliance FAQ document “State of Georgia and Federal Law […]

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USDA APHIS and CDC Permits Reminder

Save a copy of all USDA APHIS and CDC permits in your BioRAFT profile under “Documents.” Alternatively, you can send a copy of these permits to biosafe@emory.edu and we can assist with uploading them for you.    

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Volunteers and Minors in Research Labs

Summer is a great time for students to gain valuable laboratory experience through volunteering or internships. Because student volunteers and/or minors may be unaware of hazards and risks associated with working in a laboratory, Emory University policies require training before entering a lab. Do You Have a Volunteer or Minor Coming to Participate in Research […]

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What is the Purpose of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in a Biological Research Facility?

It’s really not a simple answer and requires an understanding of general biosafety. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines biosafety as principles, practices, and strategies aimed at minimizing the unintentional release of a biological agent. Biosafety is achieved by utilizing the four primary controls – engineering, PPE, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and administration. These controls […]

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Report all Accidents, Incidents and Near-misses

Employees who are injured on the job must promptly notify their supervisor and report to Occupational Injury Management according to Emory University Policy 4.93 Workplace Health and Safety. To report an accident, incident or near-miss, see the step-by-step guide: http://www.hr.emory.edu/eu/docs/incident-report-how-to-guide.pdf Log into PeopleSoft to initiate your report: https://hrprod.emory.edu Additional information can be found at the […]

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Preparing for Lab Moves and Close-Outs

EHSO guidelines for lab decommissioning: www.ehso.emory.edu/content-guidelines/LabDecommissioningGuidelines.pdf Proper Laboratory Decommissioning: Ensures that the vacated space is in a stable and known condition, safe for individuals unfamiliar with the laboratory to enter, Reduces disposal costs associated with unwanted and unknown hazardous materials, and Encourages sustainability through redistribution of unwanted, useable laboratory equipment and supplies. Ultimate responsibility for preparing a laboratory to be safe and compliant lies […]

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