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Reminders to Research Personnel

Are you ready to begin a new school year in your laboratory? August is usually a busy month with students starting a new semester, students lining up rotations, new investigators coming to the University, new hires, and so on. Below are a few reminders from EHSO: ✓ Ensure PI and personnel are current with applicable […]

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Safe Use of Isoflurane on Lab Bench Tops

By Dr. Michael J. Huerkamp, DVM, DACLAM Isoflurane, known by the brand names Forane and Aerrane, is popularly used for the anesthesia of rodents, including in laboratories by making use of induction chambers. The same properties of quick induction, rapid effect, and the need for close monitoring to prevent the undesirable effects of overdose enabled […]

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New Document Updates

  EHSO has launched three updated documents and a brand new Forms / Documents page on the EHSO website. Visit http://ehso.emory.edu/documents/ for an easy way to search for and filter through all EHSO documents.   Are You a Supervisor? Check out the updated Principal Investigator’s Guide to EHS. We shortened it, updated it, and added […]

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BioRAFT Updates for Protocols Due in January, February & March

Lab Registration Investigators are being prompted to update their biological registrations in 2017. Things to remember: Complete the Lab Hazards Assessment Update your Members list, ensure that all job description for use of biological agents and chemical hazards are up to date Upload the Corrective Action Plan for the 2017 lab self-inspection Confirm spaces and […]

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Reminder: Managing Chemical Waste in Labs

Is your lab compliant with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)? RCRA is the public law that creates the framework for the proper management of hazardous and non-hazardous solid waste. To ensure proper management of chemical waste in Emory laboratories, please review the following actions: Complete the chemical waste label. […]

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NEW Mercury Thermometer Exchange Campaign

EHSO is launching a new campaign to encourage researchers to phase out mercury thermometers from their labs by participating in an exchange program. EHSO will provide, free of charge, a 1 for 1 replacement of existing mercury thermometers, with red, alcohol filled thermometers. This new campaign builds on our continuing efforts to remove un-needed, unwanted […]

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BIO & CHEM Updates for BioRAFT

BIO Registration As of this month, EHSO has completed the transition from paper to electronic registrations in BioRAFT. PIs are already being prompted to review their registrations due for annual update in January 2017. Remember that BIO registrations are “evergreen,” meaning that the projects will not expire but require an annual review and update. For […]

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Beta Test EHSO’s New Regulated Waste Collection System

Starting September 1st, EHSO will beta test a new regulated waste collection system. Save time and paper by simply filling out the online form linked on the EHSO home page under the “Waste Collection” button (ehso.emory.edu). During this process, we encourage you to send feedback as well as your questions to chemwaste@emory.edu. Please check our […]

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In the News: UW-Madison Fined $56,000 in Airport Hazmat Incident

by Tony Gail, WKOW. Original Publication: http://bit.ly/1T9GaiD MADISON (WKOW) — Federal Aviation Administration officials say UW-Madison was fined $56,000 after a university researcher put hazardous materials in luggage and checked the baggage onto a flight, only to have TSA screeners intercept the cargo. Officials say the material included research-grade alcohol, which FAA spokesperson Tony Molinaro calls “highly flammable.” Officials say […]

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Chemical Management Campaign

EHSO recently launched a new campaign to help researchers reclaim space, reduce exposure, and avoid incidents and spills related to hazardous chemicals. In the coming weeks, you may see posters within the research buildings regarding this campaign. Researchers are encouraged to evaluate their current hazardous chemicals by considering the following questions: How does my lab […]

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