Feast for the Eyes

I always enjoy the photos of the day posted on Facebook by my colleague Dr. Rex D. Matthews. He taught history and theology of Methodism at Candler School of Theology from 1982 to 2018 and will rejoin the faculty as Inaugural Richey Visiting Professor in Methodist and Wesleyan Studies this fall.

I admire his curiosity and patience in taking these photos and most of all his love for nature’s beauty. He teaches me the spiritual lessons of attentiveness and nurturing a sense of wonder. Even in the bleak winter and amidst the sharp rise of Covid cases, the beauty around us reminds us of God’s everlasting presence. I am grateful to him for sharing these photos he has posted in the past several days with you. Please visit his photography website to learn more.

Rex’s photo of the day is a bright male Northern Cardinal—seems an appropriate way to ring out the Old Year (December 31, 2021)

Rex’s photo of the day is this “Pink Beauty” Shrub Rose. May it help brighten your day (January 2, 2022)

He is submitting his photos for the photographic exhibition at the 2022 Atlanta Botanical Garden Flower Show from February 25-27, 2022. For this entry he writes, “I chased this Eastern Tiger Swallowtail all over the Medlock Community Garden trying to get a dorsal shot of its wings fully spread. Finally, it cooperated for just a moment.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

For this entry he writes, “I saw this water lily in the pool at ABG in December 2020 and was stopped in my tracks by the color of the flower, the shadows cast by the flower and the buds in the strong afternoon sun, and how blue the water appeared. I tried to capture that image in this photo.”

He invites us to slow down, to pay attention, to catch the fleeting moments. For this, I am deeply grateful.

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