Valley Girl Moment: a trip to Loire Valley Photo Post #3

This past week, we went to the Loire Valley, where we got to see Château Royal d’Amboise and some of the great works of Leonardo Da Vinci. Personally, my favorite portion of the visit was the ‘movie tube’ in which we got to watch a compilation of Da Vinci’s most notable works projected within a cylindrical room with sweet, wonderful air conditioning. But it was a really neat was to view some of Da Vinci’s works in such a neat way. Da Vinci truly was a pioneer of neuroscience. I learned that during an experiment, Da Vinci pour wax into the brain of an ox to provide a cast of ventricles, which became known as the first method to gain insight into internal structures of the brain! In addition, he was an architect, an artist, and a sculptor, and it was a real treat to see his workspace up close!
Pevsner, J. (2002). Leonardo da Vinci’s contributions to Neuroscience. Trends in Neurosciences, 25(4), 217–220.

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