October is LGBT History Month: LGBTQIA+ Health Resource Highlights

In recognition of October as LGBTQIA+ History month the WHSC Library is highlighting a list of resources available through Emory Libraries in support of LGBTQIA+ Health.

We also offer a year-round research guide for LGBTQIA+ Health Resources.  The guide is aimed at healthcare students, educators, researchers, and clinicians seeking a better understanding of the historical health issues facing LGBTQIA+ populations and current research on improving future care.

To review the current literature, check out some of these dedicated journals provided through Emory Library subscriptions and Emory eJournals:

To find these books and more through the Emory University library catalog, check out DiscoverE:

Finally, when searching in PubMed, consider using some of the broad search terms included below to focus your search on LGBTQIA+ issues and populations. Check out more PubMed Search Strategies here.

  • “Bisexuality”[MeSH]
  • “Health Services for Transgender Persons”[MeSH]
  • “Homosexuality”[MeSH]
  • “Intersex Persons”[MeSH]
  • “Sexual and Gender Minorities”[MeSH]
  • “Transgender Persons”[MeSH]
  • “Transsexualism”[MeSH]


For help with these or any other health resources and searches supported by the WHSC Library, please reach out to our Ask-A-Librarian.