Andrea Abbate Receives Woodruff Library’s Atwood Undergraduate Research Award

At the Emory Libraries’ Undergraduate Research Awards Ceremony on May 1, Andrea Abbate, Sociology and English double major in the Class of 2017, received the 2017 Elizabeth Long Atwood Undergraduate Research Award for her Sociology Honors Thesis, “Food Security vs. Food Sovereignty: A Qualitative Analysis of Food Justice Narratives and Activist Identities Among Community Gardeners in Atlanta.”

In her Research Strategy Essay, Andrea reflected: “The library tools and services, particularly the wide range of databases available to me, allowed me to engage with literature and scholarship from…not only Sociology but also Environmental Studies, Urban Planning, and African American Studies.” Andrea observed the exchange of ideas taking place in the articles that she read and expressed her aspiration to publish her thesis so that she may “join in the conversation” and “challenge [other scholars] to reconsider their assumptions about food justice and social movement activism.”

Andrea’s faculty sponsor, Melissa Pirkey of the Sociology Department, stated that, “Andrea showed great growth as a researcher throughout the year.” Andrea’s Honors Thesis also received Highest Honors in the Department of Sociology.

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