Cloe Gentile Receives Woodruff Library’s Atwood Undergraduate Research Award

At the Emory Libraries’ Undergraduate Research Awards Ceremony on May 1, Cloe Gentile, Music and Sociology double major in the Class of 2017, received the 2017 Elizabeth Long Atwood Undergraduate Research Award for her Music Honors Thesis, “Larsen as a Lens: the Male Gaze and the Female Voice.”

In her Research Strategy Essay, Cloe described how her scholarly perspective evolved as she conducted her research: “I went out in search of feminist musicological books and articles and found, through months of research, my own unique approach to the field.” Cloe added that, while many of her sources were sheet music, “Access to JSTOR, Oxford Bibliographies, and Music Index…[were] crucial to the formation of this project.”

Cloe’s faculty sponsor, Lynn Wood Bertrand of the Music Department, noted that, “Cloe needed to use multiple kinds of library resources for the project, including newspapers, journals, CDs, video materials and interlibrary loan of materials.” Professor Bertrand also praised Cloe’s work for being original, “pioneering research.”

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