Welcome EaglePrint!

In this digital age, academic life at Emory and most other universities still relies heavily on paper printing. EaglePrint was officially launched on June 1, 2015 as the next evolution of student printing at Emory. Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 4_optCompared to the previous years of the Student Printing service at Emory, EaglePrint is greatly simplified.  In previous years, there were over 30 active print queues for all of the different printing locations on campus. This meant students had to download and install different software packages to use printers in each school or department. Changes made with EaglePrint have brought the number of print queues down to 2 (EaglePrint-BW and EaglePrint-Color), made both queues part of a single installer and made all EaglePrint printers available students regardless of which college or professional school they are enrolled. This allows for a consistent user experience everywhere on campus.

By using printing revenue to directly fund the budget for EaglePrint, Student Digital Life has been able to replace many aging printers (some of which were over 15 years old) and add a new printer in each of the 7 freshmen residence halls – one of the most requested service enhancements students have  made in the Annual Student Technology Survey. By providing new students with EaglePrint options in their residence halls, SDL hopes to decrease the number of personal electronic devices needed in each student room, and also increase levels of convenience and safety by allowing students to print without having to leaving their residence hall.

97140015Support for the many remote locations across campus is performed in partnership with local support personnel and service desks in the different departments and professional schools. While any printing issue can be reported to eagleprint [at] emory [dot] edu, local support contacts are empowered to help students with immediate printing needs. Any issues that cannot be resolved easily are escalated to SDL. This support structure has greatly simplified the handling of printing issues and has allowed SDL to better track the types of problems so we can act appropriately to prevent them.

The central support of EaglePrint also allows SDL to adapt to new and evolving student demand. While any changes to EaglePrint are done in partnership with the various departments and schools, all costs associated with modifying or expanding the EaglePrint service are owned by SDL.

Information for EaglePrint can be found at it.emory.edu/eagleprint. Information for other Student Digital Life spaces and services can be found at it.emory.edu/SDL.

EaglePrint installers can be downloaded from Emory’s Software Express website.