EaglePrint lowers pricing across campus

This marks the first price reduction of the pay-for-print service since being introduced in the 1990’s.

EaglePrint, Emory’s pay-for-print service for students, is offering lower printing rates this fall in response to student requests for more affordable printing options.

While Emory has supplied a pay-for-print service for students since the 1990s, it wasn’t until summer 2015 that EaglePrint was launched and student printing was truly centrally supported across campus. Later, in fall 2016, all remaining academic departments offering printing to students joined the EaglePrint service.

Consolidating all student printing into EaglePrint has allowed for a number of efficiencies to be applied, including site licensing for print management software, consolidated use of print server VM’s, and standardized printer/device models. All of this has led to EaglePrint’s ability to better adapt to the wants and needs of students.

Over the years, students have asked for two main things regarding printing: printers in the residence halls and “free printing.”

In fall 2015, EaglePrint placed a print station in each freshman residence hall, then added stations to the upperclassman residence halls in fall 2016. In spring 2017, the decision was made to do the same at the Oxford campus. In each expansion, data shows a distinct shift towards printing in the residence halls.

Now, in fall 2017, EaglePrint is lowering the price of printing across campus. This is the first time this has happened across campus since the initial pay-for-print service from the 1990’s. While “free printing” isn’t really an option, this decrease in the price shows that we are listening to students and doing what we can to give them what they want.

The new pricing structure will be as follows and goes into effect on August 14:

  • BW single-sided: $0.07/page
  • BW double-sided: $0.05/page
  • Color single-sided: $0.30/page
  • Color double-sided: $0.20/page

Scanning to email and faxing (where applicable) will continue to be free.

New features for EaglePrint are currently being researched and tested, so stay tuned for more updates.

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