Emory Digital Collections update for October 2022

Since the launch of Emory Digital Collections in April 2020, thousands of items from Emory’s rare and unique holdings have been uploaded to the platform. Each month, staff in Library Technology and Digital Strategies will provide an update, sharing what has been added to EDC during the preceding month.

Here’s what was added in October 2022:

New collection (Emory-only access): 185 documents have been added to the Archivo Histórico del Arzobispado de México, a collection of files from the Catholic Archdiocese of Mexico, dating from the 16th through 18th centuries.

New collection: 21 conference journals have been added to the Journals of the North Georgia Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South and the Georgia Conference of the Methodist Protestant Church collection.

• Completed collection: 10 diaries of Methodist teacher and minister Yun Ch’i-ho were added to the Yun Ch’i-Ho Papers.

• 13 Emory course catalogs were added to the Emory University Course Catalogs and Bulletins.

• Two 16th-century texts were added to the Richard C. Kessler Reformation Collection.

• Five volumes were added to the Chester W. Topp collection of Victorian yellowbacks and paperbacks.

If you have any questions about Emory Digital Collections, please contact Kathryn Michaelis (kmicha3 [at] emory [dot] edu) or Emily Porter (eporter [at] emory [dot] edu).

— Kathryn Michaelis, digital preservation program manager, Library Technology and Digital Strategies


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