LITS welcomes applications for Graduate Student Fellowships

The Laney Graduate School and several Emory partner entities offer fellowships to advanced graduate students.  (see all fellowships here)   Emory Library & Information Technology Services (LITS) is offering 7 fellowships for 2015-2016.

All fellows will work 16 hours per week in the library and receive a $18,000 stipend (subject to adjustment by LGS).  The five Woodruff/ECDS Graduate fellows identify a primary area of interest, either Manuscript, Archives and Rare Book Library (MARBL); Subject Librarian/Collection Management Services; Education and Outreach, or the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship (Data or Digital Humanities).

The dissertation completion fellow in MARBL will focus on the organization, management, and access of rare book and archival materials.  The Outreach & Education fellow will partner with the Writing Center programs to help improve student research projects.   The subject librarian fellow can propose a variety of projects, based on the fellow’s skills and strengths, that deal with library services or collections.  Finally, the two ECDS fellows will work with either data or digital humanities.

In addition to the MARBL fellow mentioned above, LITS is also accepting applications for the Anne & Bill Newton Fellowship, generously funded by the Newton family.  This fellow will help in researching, designing, and assessing alternative instruction models in connection with MARBL’s instruction program.  Unlike the Woodruff/ECDS Graduate fellows, the Newton fellow is not required to finish their dissertation during the 9 month fellowship period.

Funded by the Lewis Beck Foundation, Emory Center for Digital Scholarship will award one fellowship for 2015-2016 (9 month stipend) to an advanced graduate student to  learn about methods in digital scholarship including text markup with xml, text analysis, digital publishing, web site building and possibly, programming for website production.  Like the Newton fellow, the Beck fellow is not required to finish their dissertation during the 9 month fellowship period.

Again, please read the each applications for specific details:

The application must include:

  • Application Cover Sheet
  • Application skills sheet (found in the application document).
  • Library placement area(s) of interest and how this will enhance the applicant’s skills in research and teaching
  • Brief description of the dissertation research, including progress thus far;
  • Curriculum vita of no more than two pages;
  • Letter of recommendation from an Emory faculty member

Please feel free to contact library sponsors with questions OR talk to our wonderful 2014-2015 library Fellows