Master Modeler 2021: Data competition for undergraduates

Here’s a great upcoming opportunity for Emory undergraduate students to work with data. The Department of Quantitative Theory & Methods (QTM) is partnering with regional universities, Boeing, and ERASE Child Trafficking for the 2021 Master Modeler Competition! This competition is an experiential learning opportunity for students and a way to give back to the community by helping our data sponsor, ERASE Child Trafficking.

Teams of up to four Emory undergraduate students will submit video proposals on how to leverage ERASE Child Trafficking’s social media data to achieve the organization’s objectives of increasing awareness and stopping trafficking. The top teams will access ERASE’s unique data and conduct their analyses with the potential of winning up to $3500 (courtesy of Boeing)! The deadline to submit projects is March 1. This site provides more details about the competition.

Check out this video explaining (1) why participation is a great idea, (2) what to submit for Round 1, and (3) how to stay in contact with the Master Modeler Competition (MMC) team. More information will be coming soon to your data science faculty and QTM’s social media. If you have questions, please reach out directly to QTM [at] emory [dot] edu.

MMC Flyer

Download the MMC 2021 flyer.

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