New AI library guide from Emory Libraries

Emory Libraries is happy to announce the unveiling of a new library guide dedicated to supporting research in artificial intelligence and machine learning, in line with Emory’s AI Humanity initiative.

The guide has multiple objectives:

  • Identify resources (databases, e-books, etc) for locating resources related to AI and machine learning, and their applications across disciplines and schools
  • Provide tips and guide researchers in using the above resources
  • Highlight the works of the AI.Humanity scholars as well as existing research here at Emory
  • Curate a list of current online blogs, reports, and portals for keeping abreast of machine learning in academia and industry
  • Highlight ethical and social justice themes in artificial intelligence
  • Provide resources for discussions of the utilization of AI in the teaching and learning space

The guide will prove particularly useful to scholars across different fields, including business and healthcare, as well as for those students enrolled in the new AI minor. Areas and applications for ethics and the legal sphere are also covered. The guide is meant to be dynamic and frequently updated, building off feedback and suggestions for additional resources and content. New e-book content from Springer (Intelligent Systems and Robotics) is upcoming this fall semester.

Thanks to Chris Doty, Keeza Hameed, Susan Klopper, Jeremy Kupsco, Lara Miller, Chris Pollette, and Erin Reardon for their contributions

Chris Palazzolo, Head of Collections and social science librarian, Wooduff Library

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  1. Thank you for sharing this exciting update! The AI and machine learning guide will undoubtedly be a pivotal resource for the Emory community, especially with the rise of AI-driven disciplines. Your emphasis on ethics and social justice in AI stands out, and I’m keen to see how this evolves. Eagerly awaiting the new content from Springer. Kudos to the entire team!

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