Welcome KIC Bookeye book scanner

On April 8th, the LITS Student Digital Life team, in partnership with the Library Service Desk, added a new service to the Woodruff Library in the form of a KIC Bookeye book scanner. It sits across from the Library Service Desk, in place of one of the EaglePrint multi-function printers (MFP’s). The new book scanner expands upon the scanning capabilities of the EaglePrint MFP’s, in that it is designed and built for ease-of-use when scanning books.

Users no longer have to pull the book off the scan bed, turn the page, place the book back on the scan bed, and then press the scan button.  Now a user can simply turn the page and press the ‘scan’ button. If both hands are needed to hold pages down, there’s a convenient foot pedal that also acts as a ‘scan’ button! The scan platforms can also be raised to create a nest for the book, relieving stress on the spine of the book!

In addition to scanning, the KIC software application has built-in editing and mark-up tools that allow users to cut, copy, paste, annotate, and more…even adding emojis!

Scans can be saved to a USB flash drive, sent to any email address, or even uploaded to KIC’s support iOS and Android app called ‘MyDocs’. The app has additional features that allow it to act as a study-assist app, such as file organization, tagging, and audio playback of text from scanned files. There is also development planned for uploading files directly to cloud storage options, like Box.com and One-Drive. Currently, this can be done from within the ‘MyDocs’ app.

Despite lack of public marketing or documentation on how to actually operate it, the scanner has gotten high usage.  In the first week, the KIC Bookeye book scanner accounted for 47% of the scanning sessions and 52% of the total pages scanned in the Woodruff Library (compared to the scan use of the EaglePrint MFP’s).

The Library Service Desk staff have also reported that customer feedback has been quite positive and that they’ve spent almost zero time instructing patrons on how to use the scanner.

Pitts Theology Library has also acquired a KIC Bookeye book scanner.

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