Welcome letter from Valeda F. Dent, vice provost of libraries and museum

Dear Emory students, faculty, staff, and visitors,

As we settle into a new academic season, I am reminded of how much our world has changed over the past few years. Many of these changes were unanticipated, sweeping in nature, and transformative. In almost every major sector of our collective experiences, whether in healthcare, global relations, local politics, or the legal arena, we have had to reckon with a state of affairs for which there were no playbooks. There are many ways to think about the space and time we are now entering. A time of renewal and recalibration, but also a time to capitalize on opportunities for introspection and great change.

Watch Valeda Dent’s welcome to the Emory Libraries and the Carlos Museum video.

Emory University represents the perpetual weaving of an incredible canvas, one that is woven tightly enough so that there is strong support for each and every student, staff, and faculty member, but not so tight as to stifle the unrestricted creation of new knowledge as we learn more about each other, the natural world around us, and the future. All that Emory University has to offer, whether it’s teaching and learning resources, disciplinary expertise, exceptional models for healthcare provision and research, are a part of this intricate canvas. As we enter this new season, I encourage us all to engage with our Emory community and the world around us in ways that will serve to enrich and enlighten.

Most importantly, let the Emory Libraries and the Carlos Museum be part of your journey.



Valeda F. Dent, Ph.D., M.S.W., M.I.L.S.

Vice Provost, Libraries & Museum

Emory University

Founder, Rural Village Libraries Research Network 

ORCID ID 0000000271921240