Win $500 with the Undergraduate Research Awards

The Robert W. Woodruff Library would like to announce the 2011 Undergraduate Research Awards!

The Undergraduate Research Award recognizes and rewards Emory College undergraduate students who make extensive use of Woodruff Library’s collections and research resources in their original scholarship while simultaneously showing evidence of critical analysis in their research skills. There will be up to three awards of $500 made this year, and at least one will be made to a first-year student.

To be eligible, research projects must have been completed since March 1, 2010. So almost all projects from Spring 2010 and all of those from Fall 2010 can be included.

In addition to the final version of the research project, students will submit a short (500-750 word) essay describing their research strategies, an abstract of the project, and a bibliography of sources used. Finally, there must be a letter of support from the faculty member who supervised the project.

The due date for all of these materials is 5pm on March 14, 2011. But don't let that let you procrastinate on the process.

To learn more about the awards and find the appropriate forms, see And good luck!

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  1. HI – I am trying to pull together a list of winners for the History dept. I can get back as far as the 2014 (tho I can’t find the 2015 winners), and then I can’t find anything more online. I remember library prizes and attending the award ceremony a few times earlier than that.
    Do you have any further information anywhere?
    Many thanks, Judith Miller

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